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Mason-Dixon is an independent polling firm that conducts public policy and political polling and research for news media, advocacy groups, trade associations,  public relations and marketing professionals.

Since 1983, Mason-Dixon Polling & Research, Inc. has conducted surveys in every state in the country, on almost every public issue, and tracked every major election and referendum. During this time, Mason-Dixon has earned the reputation as the most credible and accurate independent polling firm in the nation.


Over 350 news organizations have relied on Mason-Dixon for their election and issue polling. Our reputation within the media, political and public policy community brings instant recognition, integrity and attention to any assessment of public opinion.


Mason-Dixon has tracked thousands of national, state, and local political races, with phenomenal accuracy. No other polling firm has its record publicly tested and validated as often as Mason-Dixon.


Mason-Dixon is not a party-affiliated or ideology-oriented polling firm. Our client list includes a wide range of groups and interests that span the political spectrum, further enhancing our reputation for objectivity and independence.

What Leading Political Analysts Say About Mason-Dixon

"While there is a mountain of national polling out there, nobody polls the states like Mason-Dixon. Mason-Dixon is providing high quality, impartial data and analysis on issues and candidates from coast to coast."

Charlie Cook, Editor-Publisher,
The Cook PolItical Report

"Nobody else does what Mason-Dixon does. Their polling is both independent and authoritative. Mason-Dixon did it first. They are in a class by themselves. Nobody can match the breadth and depth of their statewide polling across the country."

Stuart Rothenberg, Editor-Publisher
The Rothenberg Political Report

"For nearly two decades I have counted on Mason-Dixon to provide reliable, accurate, and non-partisan polling data from around the country. Mason-Dixon publishes some of the most comprehensive and revealing information about elections and issues to be found...they've never failed me."

Larry Sabato, PhD., Political Analyst, Author, Scholar
University of Virginia